Very Late Post, apologies, Medora Lipsticks


Sorry  I have been away for a while, just had a lot going on. I will hopefully start posting more regularly.

For now, a small post on inexpensive matte lipsticks.

Medora lipsticks.


These lipsticks are Made in Pakistan Swat, these are however available on ‘Ebay’. I myself did not purchase these from Ebay my mum went Pakistan and I told her to bring me back some lipsticks.

These lipsticks are great, as they have a matte finish which is the trend at the moment. These lipsticks however do not have a drying effect on the lips as most matte formulates lipsticks do, they apply effortlessly.

These were extremely cheap from Pakistan, approximately £1 each. In comparison to the cheaper £1 lipsticks such as MUA and Revolution, I believe these are much better. They last longer, have a better creamy formula and overall are great for the price.

Can’t promise 12-hour longevity but can promise that the color pay-off is amazing.



Packaging is flimsy and cheap looking, something I hate about these lipsticks, but I am planning to depot most of my lipsticks so will include these to.


Shades are unique and very well pigmented, some shades do have slight glitter to them but nothing noticeable.

Overall; great, cheap, affordable lipsticks with a lovely formula but in rubbish packaging.