Eastern Chic


Something new; I decided to blog some variations on traditional outfits.



Heavy embroidered raw silk anarkali

Net dupatta with crystals and four sided lace work.

Bought from Instagram:  styliaa_studio

This outfit looks extremely heavy, but is so comfortable to wear. Party-wear outfits do not need lots of bead-work and diamante, intricate thread-work can make an outfit stand out just as much as an outfit covered in diamante. Floor length gowns are often slimming and the best part is, you can wear comfortable shoes… no-one will know. xx



Screenshot_2016-05-19-20-33-26 (1).png

Intricate lace saree with large boarder.

Amazing idea for those who want a little more coverage when wearing a saree. Wearing an open ‘abaya’ will not only cover, but elongate your figure. Draping the saree over the abaya (shown on the left shoulder) brings out the design of the saree in contrast to the black abaya…. so you can show off that beautiful saree x




Geaorgette flared peach and black pleated gown.

This outfit has a western touch, a maxi design with small pleats that allow the skirt to flare out. This simple outfit does not need crystals to make a statement.The traditional jewelry paired with the georgette dupatta give it a slight eastern feel.




Silk, loose, colourful anarkali.

Colours, colours and more colourss

Playing around with colours and patterns in an outfit can give the outfit more life, making it more eye-catching. Contrasting vibrant colours are great to wear, especially if you’re someone like me who’s always seen in dull colours.




Deep burgundy maxi, mixture of raw silk and chiffon topped with detailed gold  jewellery.

Jewellery galore..

Any simple outfit can be dressed up with jewellery. Beautiful long kundan necklaces, detailed bangles and of  course… a sparkly clutch.


Outfits are either mine or of friends.



11 thoughts on “Eastern Chic

  1. I get so scared when buying these kinda outfits because I’m scared they’re not gonna turn out the way the picture shows. I love love love the black and gold maxi type kameez, was it ready made or what did they send?
    Looking to buy just wanna get your opinion.


    1. Hi, thank you for the comment. It was semi-stitched. But the seller actually offers stitching for a small fee. The reason i didnt take the sellers tailoring was because i needed the outfit urgently.
      I saw the outfit on instagram. Bought it from there.
      Buying outfits online is very scary because often you dont get what you pictured.
      Look around at designs from different sources and that way you’ll get a better idea of the sorts of styles and outfits available. Hope that helped.. if you need any options for where to buy let me know x


  2. Hey, I see that you have that long black and gold kameez, what jewellery did you wear with it and how did you do your hair??
    I bought a similar one in green and im not sure what to wear with it..??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hii.
      I wore gold earrings with a matching tikkah (head jewellery).
      I did not wear any bangles. Looking back though i think plain black bangles would have looked good.
      Initially i had my hair voluminous with big curls.. but… the rain ruined my hair. It ended up long and straight. Even then it looked fine.
      I guess if the outfit is heavy keep the jewellery minimal. As this outfit is much more plain at the top. Earrings and a simple necklace would look great.
      I would love to see how you wore your outfit and the jewellery you chose.


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