Eastern Chic


Something new; I decided to blog some variations on traditional outfits.



Heavy embroidered raw silk anarkali

Net dupatta with crystals and four sided lace work.

Bought from Instagram:  styliaa_studio

This outfit looks extremely heavy, but is so comfortable to wear. Party-wear outfits do not need lots of bead-work and diamante, intricate thread-work can make an outfit stand out just as much as an outfit covered in diamante. Floor length gowns are often slimming and the best part is, you can wear comfortable shoes… no-one will know. xx



Screenshot_2016-05-19-20-33-26 (1).png

Intricate lace saree with large boarder.

Amazing idea for those who want a little more coverage when wearing a saree. Wearing an open ‘abaya’ will not only cover, but elongate your figure. Draping the saree over the abaya (shown on the left shoulder) brings out the design of the saree in contrast to the black abaya…. so you can show off that beautiful saree x




Geaorgette flared peach and black pleated gown.

This outfit has a western touch, a maxi design with small pleats that allow the skirt to flare out. This simple outfit does not need crystals to make a statement.The traditional jewelry paired with the georgette dupatta give it a slight eastern feel.




Silk, loose, colourful anarkali.

Colours, colours and more colourss

Playing around with colours and patterns in an outfit can give the outfit more life, making it more eye-catching. Contrasting vibrant colours are great to wear, especially if you’re someone like me who’s always seen in dull colours.




Deep burgundy maxi, mixture of raw silk and chiffon topped with detailed gold  jewellery.

Jewellery galore..

Any simple outfit can be dressed up with jewellery. Beautiful long kundan necklaces, detailed bangles and of  course… a sparkly clutch.


Outfits are either mine or of friends.



Being ‘Promised’


“Love makes us kind if we let it,” are the traumatizing first and last words of BBC3’s new one-off drama ‘Murdered by My Father’  which has sparked awareness on the concept of honour killing and being ‘promised’.

It may seem strange to many but cultures often “arrange” their child’s marriage at a young age, some even before they are born.

For the parents, this is a way of;

  • Preventing their child, mainly the daughter, from being led astray.
  • To control unwanted behavior and sexuality, and prevent ‘unsuitable’ relationships, i.e. with people outside their ethnic, cultural, caste or religious group
  • To protect perceived cultural ideals, which in their head they think of as ‘religious’
  • Family ‘honour’ or long-standing family commitments, who are often pressuring
  • To ensure land, property and wealth remain in the family
  • To strengthen family links, because being blood related isn’t enough, ohh noo, we have to tie our children together as well.


They love you, take care of you, your mother carried you in her womb for nine months, nursed you, cried at your every pain. Your father worked days and nights to provide for you. Then why is it when it comes to the time when they should be your protectors and support you in the most important decision of your life, they are willing to submit to abuse?

As shown in the documentary, many face emotional blackmail, excessive persuasion and may even lead to physical abuse and in worst case scenarios… Death.

They implant in their child’s head that they are selfish,  that they long hoped for an obedient child.

Obedience does not lie in forbidding your child to make decisions. I do myself come from a very traditional family, however, not soo traditional that we fail to perceive what is right and wrong. As a parent, yes you do try to make the ultimate best decision for your child, but when your eyes are covered with the peering sights of others, with the constant thought of “what will people say”, with the backward mentality that should be long forgotten.. what are you left with? A miserable child.



I have read many comments which say that “the girl should have told her dad about her love, he would have understood.” Unfortunately, they don’t. I can assure you that they will not want to hear anything which does not suit them, because they are subconsciously not putting their child first, they are putting their phoney honour before all.  In their minds, they are doing right, its only arranged marriage which is a cultural norm, but arranged marriages do not contain any pressure of any sort.

So what is the answer? Awareness. People of such mentality just need to be reminded, that if they truly love their children and raise them in a comfortable, safe, loving environment, their children will not disgrace them. But as a parent, they should also support their child and allow them to make decisions about their own life because ultimately they are the ones living it.

Also, most importantly, people need to stop interfering in  others lives and dictating how other people should raise their children. Stop judging and stop having an opinion.  Once it is known that outsiders will not say anything and/or not have an opinion, then most of these issues will be resolved. Everyone has a different way of life, you cannot influence or pressurize your way of thinking on others, live and let live!

Life is not an easy ride; do not force your children into making theirs unbearable.

Very Late Post, apologies, Medora Lipsticks


Sorry  I have been away for a while, just had a lot going on. I will hopefully start posting more regularly.

For now, a small post on inexpensive matte lipsticks.

Medora lipsticks.


These lipsticks are Made in Pakistan Swat, these are however available on ‘Ebay’. I myself did not purchase these from Ebay my mum went Pakistan and I told her to bring me back some lipsticks.

These lipsticks are great, as they have a matte finish which is the trend at the moment. These lipsticks however do not have a drying effect on the lips as most matte formulates lipsticks do, they apply effortlessly.

These were extremely cheap from Pakistan, approximately £1 each. In comparison to the cheaper £1 lipsticks such as MUA and Revolution, I believe these are much better. They last longer, have a better creamy formula and overall are great for the price.

Can’t promise 12-hour longevity but can promise that the color pay-off is amazing.



Packaging is flimsy and cheap looking, something I hate about these lipsticks, but I am planning to depot most of my lipsticks so will include these to.


Shades are unique and very well pigmented, some shades do have slight glitter to them but nothing noticeable.

Overall; great, cheap, affordable lipsticks with a lovely formula but in rubbish packaging.

Kiko Milano Review

I love makeup, playing around with different products, trying new techniques and products.

I was looking into purchasing products from Kiko but could not find a lot of reviews in English, especially on their foundation, so here goes..


‘Cosmetic Glam Kajal – Eyeliner duo 04’ Amazing eyeliner and kajal compact, usually when products offer a 2 in 1 they are not up to scratch, but this duo is amazing. My new daily eyeliner and kajal for when I do decide to use kajal.
My khol usually always leaks out, but the kajal on this duo is long lasting and doesn’t smudge. The plastic cap protects the khol from ruining your makeup bag.
The only downside to this product is that the actual eyeliner stick is really long and so took some time to get used to, as I was previously using sleeks eyeliner which has a tiny stick.20151210_232200.jpg


‘Colour Veil blush 01’ This is a lovely soft pink colour which gives a very subtle glow to the cheeks and feels really light on the skin. It is a build-able colour but you’re not going to get anything more than a soft baby pink. It is nice and small so I can throw it into my bag and great for everyday wear. Packaging is a little bit boring but it is extremely affordable (currently £2.30) so why complain.

I have very dry skin and so far ‘Kiko Milano skin evolution – 107 creamy natural’ has been the best foundation for my dry skin. It is creamy, has an spf 10 and is very long lasting. It claims to last up to 10 hours, and combined with a setting powder it honestly lasted 8-9 hours, so it lives up to its claim. Overall it gives me a nice dewy complexion.

The foundation gives a medium/ full coverage, honestly for everyday wear I use 1 – 1 ½ pumps, blend it with my beauty blender and I am set to go. On fancy days out maybe 2 pumps. So it is a build-able coverage but you do not need a lot of product. It is available in 18 different colours so can match a variety of skin tones.

However, I would not recommend this foundation if you have oily skin.

‘Smart lip pencil – 712’ Lovely creamy texture and again extremely affordable (currently on sale for £1.70), these lip pencils are long lasting and have great pigmentation. This colour in-particular is really natural looking and can be blended out to use as a lipstick.

These lipliners are paraben free and available in 16 colours.

‘Invisible Powder’ I usually tend to stay away from anti shine products as they dry up my skin, but a small quantity of this it is amazing. It is a very fine powder that has a velvety feel.  If I use a little too much of this product, it makes my foundation look cakey, but a small amount leaves it looking smooth and flawless, so I guess you just have to play around with it. The packaging! for such a fine powder the packaging is too big, also the sponge applicator inside is horrible for application so I tend to use my powder brush.